At this time we are extremely open to the possibility of handling family arrangements over the phone.


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We refer to the kind notes we receive  as "Roses".  In the midst of this very difficult time of the Covid Virus,  where it's a  daily challenge to comfort and assist families in the manner that they truly deserve, we are trying our best to to do so.

And so, this Rose, from Maria Michelon, thanking us for taking care of her father Vito Mannino, means a great deal to us. We're humbled. We're honored. Thank you Maria, it was absolutely our privilege to serve your father and your family. 

Robert J. Sheehy & Sons Funeral Home.

Sheehy Funeral Home

 Dear Staff at Sheehy Funeral Home, 

I wanted to drop you a note of enormous thanks. My Dad passed away on April 27th and was waked and memorialized at your funeral home. The unbelievable professionalism, empathy and care extended to us by your entire team (Bill, Mike, Chris, Linda, your late-night answering service and many more) was indeed second to none. It is understandably overwhelming for individuals to wrap their heads around the loss of a loved one. Making the necessary arrangements can tilt the emotional scale; however, your team handled everything from A to Z without a hitch, and, due to Covid-19, everything was done via phone and/or e-mail. Your work, collectively, is praiseworthy. Thank you for such a peaceful memorial service. 

The entire Mannino family will forever be grateful. 


Maria Michelon (Daughter of Vito Mannino)


 Sheehy Funeral Home

Beautiful Funeral Thank You Notes



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"At Sheehy Funeral Home, Cremation comes with many options"

Funeral Director & Manager Bill Kiley explains that the range of services includes everything from a Direct Cremation all the way up to a full service arrangements including burial or inurnment into a mausoleum..." 03/09/2020

Keeping the Sheehy name strong mattered to our Grandfather and our Father.

It’s humbling to know that over generations of service, our family name is the one that comes to mind when they’ve experienced a loss..." 01/06/2020



  Sheehy Funeral Home

When your family has suffered loss... Our family will be here for you. Robert J. Sheehy & Sons Funeral Homes are third generation family operated establishments. Since 1913 the Sheehy family has dedicated many years of their lives serving families throughout Chicago and the Southwest Suburbs. Bob and Jim Sheehy have two locations, Burbank and Orland Park.

Our entire staff consists of individuals who care about each and every family we serve. Every detail is handled in a professional and personal manner from the very moment you contact our funeral home. Our families are comforted to know that the funeral director in charge of the arrangements will be here throughout the funeral to answer questions and take care of all their needs. We pride ourselves on offering the highest level of professionalism with the families we help.

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